The Library contains over 400 books with new ones added each year. An attempt is made to cover all needs including easy to read books and in depth volumes for the more studious. The lending system is quick and easy to use and several books may be borrowed at the same time. Suggestions for new titles are welcome and book reviews appear in the Newslink (biannual church magazine) from time to time.

The books are organized in nine categories which are as follows:

Bibles including large print

Various versions are available also gospels and other New Testament books

Bible Study

This is the largest section and includes commentaries and bible study guides. They cater for a wide range of interest from the easy to access to the in depth study.


Includes books of sermons of well know preachers from the past eg Bunyan and Spurgeon

Church History

Some books are an overview of a period while others give an in depth account of the contribution of various leaders or special events

Christian Life

There is a range of books for beginners through to challenging the mature Christian.


Includes many books on prayer


There is a wide range of books, both historical and current.


There is a wide range of books which includes several new editions


Authors such as John Blanchard and John Stott are included in this section.

Other media

Audio CDs, MP3 files and DVDs are available.