The aim of the Toddler group is to provide a caring Christian environment for both toddlers and parents/carers to enjoy (dads are also welcome).

We have a wide range of toys which provide opportunities to interact with other toddlers and with their parent/carer. On the craft table we try to have a sticking activity once a fortnight for the toddlers to do themselves, (many mums and dads find this relaxing too). The mess we clear is evidence of the pleasure this brings! The book corner allows for cosy times with mum/dad/carer with bean bags to snuggle into. The team feels strongly that toys should be clean and safe and much effort is put into ensuring this is so.

Refreshments include tea/coffee and biscuits for adults, squash (sugar free) or water, raisins and biscuits for toddlers.

Once a month there is a short story from the bible for the toddlers, and a handout which explains the story is provided for the adults. This helps to mark our group as different to a secular one. We share our faith in the Lord Jesus with those who come when the opportunity presents itself without being ‘pushy’.

The morning ends with singing nursery rhymes and ‘Happy birthday to you’ and the presentation of a present as appropriate. And finally… The hokey cokey is performed which is great fun for the toddlers and rather exhausting for the adults. The group is apparently referred to as the hokey cokey group in the local area