We support missionaries mainly through prayer and financial giving. A proportion of the giving to the church is passed on to missionaries regularly as well as individual gifts from members.

Missionary Travels

Most months we devote a Tuesday prayer meeting to a visiting missionary or representative of a missionary organisation.

At least one Sunday a year is devoted to missionaries when they lead the services. We focus our efforts on six organisations supporting one or several missionaries in each.

We also have interest in several independent missionaries and UK outreach work. We have a missionary notice board which displays a profile and photograph of each of our adopted missionaries with a link on a world map to where they are situated. A Missionary Link Member (MLM) has responsibility for promoting the missionaries in one or more organisations. We receive a range of missionary magazines which may be borrowed from the display or a personal copy can be obtained via the appropriate MLM. Our Missionary coordinator has oversight of all our activities and organizes the missionary meetings and services